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It's me!

My name is Zora, and I'm pretty good at books.


I'm a jack-of-all-trades print techdocument designer, and editor who cares a lot about words, people, and stories. A linguist and rhetorician by training, I've developed a systematic, effective approach to document and project design and an editing philosophy that emphasizes learning as much as polish.


In 2015, my good friend Cat Parra and I launched a micropress called Margins Publishing. Through Margins, I have organized, designed, publicized, and published three volumes of Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction and assorted oneshots and zines. Check 'em out.

Need someone to:

  • line edit your comic, story, or article?

  • design your book?

  • prep your project for print?

  • organize your anthology?

  • review your Kickstarter?

  • something else?

I'm available!

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