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Hire me!

Do you have a Kickstarter page that needs punching up? Do you have a comic you want an extra pair of eyes on? Do you want to make sure your article has the balance of analysis and candor, or that your technical report makes sense to anybody but your team? I'm your guy! 

I'm also your guy for getting your book from a pile of images and words to a gorgeous, real, tangible product—or any of the steps involved, including layout, prepress, and interacting with printers.

I charge a base rate of $40/hour for my time. For editing, this will include my time reading, making notes on, or making changes to your work, as well as time I spend discussing your work time with you. For design and layout, this includes thumbnailing, reviewing, and executing the design, as well as any required revisions. For prepress, this includes my time assessing the project, color correcting, reviewing proofs (if necessary), and any time in correspondence with you and/or printers or vendors.

I'm happy to schedule work based on milestones completed (where I will work on a project until I reach predetermined milestones and bill you for the time it took) or for a pre-specified number of hours (where I will complete the project to the quality that is possible within that time).

I reserve the right to increase my rates for particularly technical or rushed jobs. I will confirm rates, deadlines, and expected worktime before I begin work on any particular project. 

I charge at a sliding scale for marginalized or impoverished creators.

Contact me for quotes and project management or organization rates.

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